Awaken Your Soul: How to Find Your Inner Spirit and Life’s Purpose

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Published by: Life's Purpose Publishing
Release Date: July 3, 2023
Pages: 178


Amazon #1 Best Seller

“This book raises the bar of spirituality.... It is an important book” —Saby Reviews

“Prepare to embark on a mind-expanding expedition....” —The Bookish Elf.



My new book Awaken Your Soul: How to Find Your Inner Spirit and Life's Purpose is now available. This book is primarily for people who have lost, or never had, “faith in God”, but who are still seeking true meaning and purpose in their lives greater than sufficient their daily existence. It is also for people who are somewhat religious but do not get real meaning or fulfillment from their religious faith.

I have discovered the transcendent reality which all true religious and spiritual beliefs have at their core. With it has come the realization that the path to spiritual enlightenment has always been within me, and is within all people. It is a place of infinite peace, love, and understanding.

The introduction of my book shares my path from atheism to spiritual enlightenment. It tells from whence I speak. It allows my readers to see themselves in me and realize that they too can reach enlightenment. In the remaining chapters of the book, I lead my readers on a journey, step by step, from disillusionment or disbelief to spiritual awakening. I expand the readers’ concept of reality, and show how they can find universal consciousness within themselves. I open up their awareness of their spiritual sense, and develop it along a path to enlightenment.

Why this book?

I am a regular person like you who was not able to fully believe in the type of God taught to me in my youth, and who did not get a great deal of meaning or fulfillment from my religious faith. Over the years I have from time to time read books about religion and spirituality, but they did not do much for me. Some were too academic or boring, others were too narrowly focused upon a certain narrow belief system, and others tried to describe a concept but were just too esoteric to understand. I also did not find any books which actually taught me a method through which I could find religious or spiritual meaning.

Eventually, through the series of enlightening revelations described in my book I experienced that ultimate reality discovered by the great spiritual leaders of history such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha. It is a reality more real and infinitely more profound than our mundane day-to-day life. It is not magic and it is reachable by the common person. I am a common person and I have experienced it. It has changed my life, and it will change yours as well.

It has created in me a drive to inspire others to find it as well. I therefore devote much of my book to teaching my readers, step-by-step, how to reach that wondrous state. That expanded reality is within all of us. Ordinarily it is very difficult to sense, because it is subtle and is drowned out by the noise of our busy day to day life. Through my book I will teach you what it is, how to sense it within yourself, and how to follow it to enlightenment.

The journey upon which my book will take you involves effort and patience. Spiritual enlightenment does not come to you right away, but within that journey you will be immersed in inspiration, happiness and contentment. Your consciousness will expand and you will eventually reach that place within you which will connect you with your spiritual life force.

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