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About Ted

Ted Orenstein writes, speaks, and teaches about spiritual enlightenment. He enjoys sharing with others that there is a purpose and direction to the universe, and that it is good. A former lawyer, Ted’s mission is to help others find greater meaning and fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of why people are what they are.

About Awaken Your Soul: How to Find Your Inner Spirit and Life's Purpose

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This book is primarily for people who have lost, or never had, “faith in God”, but who are still seeking true meaning and purpose in their lives greater than their daily existence. It is also for people who are somewhat religious  but do not get real meaning or fulfillment from their religious faith.

Why this book?

I am a regular person like you who was not able to fully believe in the type of God taught to me in my youth, and who did not get a great deal of meaning or fulfillment from my religious faith. Over the years I have from time to time read books about religion and spirituality, but they did not do much for me. Some were too academic or boring, others were too narrowly focused upon a certain narrow belief system, and others tried to describe a concept but were just too esoteric to understand. I also did not find any books which actually taught me a practical method through which I could find religious or spiritual meaning.

Eventually, through the series of enlightening revelations described in my book I experienced ultimate reality. I devote much of my book to teaching my readers, step-by-step, how to reach that wondrous state. That expanded reality is within all of us. Ordinarily it is very difficult to sense, because it is subtle and is drowned out by the noise of our busy day to day life. Through my book I will teach you what it is, how to sense it within yourself, and how to follow it to enlightenment.

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What Is It Like To Become Enlightened? A Personal Journey

*This article first appeared on the Spiritual Media Blog with Matthew Welsh. Please visit their site. What Is It Like To Become Enlightened? Spiritual enlightenment is not hocus pocus, witchcraft-type stuff. It is real. It is the reality found by Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, and other legendary people, but it has also been experienced by many ordinary people like you. Indeed, enlightenment can be experienced by logical, rational people. It is a transcendent consciousness that anyone can experience. It is not contradicted by logic, yet is not restrained by logic. Just Because You Haven’t Yet Experienced Something, Does Not Mean It…

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